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Over the last 25 years I have worked on a method and technique to incorporate tissue culture into stem propagation with the goal of producing high quality perfect clones of the parent chimera African violets with higher yields then standard stem propagation . Every chimera is sold only when it has bloomed true to the parent, never before.  The result has been maintaining the plant attributes as they were introduced by the hybridizer.

It is to this end that I have put in the effort to assure each plant that is sold is identical to the parent in terms of bloom color, leaf description and is true to the best of my ability to the hybridizers original intent or original offering.  The process  I use is to review photographs and descriptions of the plant if registered in the AVSA “First Class” system for comparative purposes.  It is not a perfect process.

Some Interesting Facts

The idea of tissue culture of chimera African violets has been around for sometime. Click on the link in red to see one of the earlier articles on this subject.“Interesting Article” .  Depending on how detailed one wants to get into the topic of  the plant  tissue culture process,  there is a myriad of papers, articles and books providing details available for both beginner and expert.   Access to these articles is as easy as doing a web search.  Also my blog Chimera African Violets has a number of links to plant tissue culture websites that promote both information and products (That information can be found in the far right hand column near the bottom under the heading “Sites with a focus on Tissue Culture Information”.


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I post at a minimum each month.  Sometimes the postings are results of experiments, sometimes observations, and sometimes submission from readers anywhere in the world.   The origin of this site comes out of the excess of plants that were produced from my tissue culture.  I have and will continue to sell plants on e-bay but as I have had repeated requests for the purchase of plants without the hassle of bidding and frankly the risk of over paying, this website was conceived.  Also as this has become a recent hobby (building websites), I used my feeble skills of websites building in conjunction with my love of chimera African violets and this is the end product.  I hope you enjoy it.  Any suggestions or ideas on improvements please just send me the suggestion in the comment box that is located on the bottom of various pages.  All suggestions are appreciated, I don’t take offense easily.