Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my 10% discount?

The 10% discount is good on all and any plants ordered in the month of May with an order, total amount, equal to or greater than $15.00.   Just type in …X5116…into the space on the checkout page that asks for the discount code,  and that is it.   A 10% discount is applied to the items in your shopping cart.   Offer ends May 31st, midnight EST.


What type of  shipping carrier is used to ship your plants domestically?

I routinely use (for all domestic shipments) United States Postal Service (USPS) priority Mail (not flat rate).  I have used them for years and the outcomes are exceptional.  The shipping cost is based on the fact that over the years the average plant weight+packaging material and box weight per plant has been 11.50 oz per plant.  So the shipping is calculated based of USPS rates time the number of plants.


What type of  shipping carrier is used to ship your plants internationally?

For international shipping prices and outcomes have been very good.  I do not ship to some countries because of specific rules and regulations.   Please contact me using the Contact form to discuss the possibilities of shipping to your country and previous success rates.  I only ship crowns internationally.  No soil, no roots.  Just a clean plant crown that can be easily rooted.


Is a handling fee applied to the postage?

No.  You pay the shipping cost that is NOT inflated with “handling fees”.  You can easily match the weight of the package to the cost of shipping and will note, there is no handling fees baked into shipping charges. There may be some variation as the cost of the shipping materials are added to the postage which is usually well under $1.00.


Is any of my information used to purchase plants ever sold or used outside the site?

No.  Never, ever.  I never sell, trade or provide any information to any other business or organization.  Your transactions on this site is between you and me and any other 3rd party vendor you used in this transaction (Paypal or credit card company) and no one else.


What if I feel the plant I purchased is not up to specifications?

Immediately contact me and let me know of the issues and we will amicably resolve it up to and including a full refund.




Can I reserve plants that are unique and not yet commercially available ?

Yes you sure can.   Every so often I have released a new or unique Chimera and offer the plant at a low introductory price.  For example Shimai (pictured here), was offered 1 year prior to it being released to the general public.  A waiting list was made, first come first served, and I methodically made sure every one on the last had their plants prior to selling them on eBay for 2-3 times what I offered it for.





Do you have any new introductions that have not yet been offered that ?

Yes I do.   It will be called O’Fortuna.  It is being registered now and I am in the process of producing about 25 of them for the first offering.  It is a sport of Concord.  The image to the left accurately depicts the color of the blooms.  Leaves are dark green.  The blooms are held nicely an tall and strong bloom stems.  It is a nice hardy grower.

What is the “Waitlist” that I see on plants that are out of stock ?

The “Waitlist” is a feature on this website that you will find for plants that that are out of stock.  You essentially click on the waitlist tab and you will automatically get an e-mail notice when the plant is back in stock.  There is no commitment on your part to purchase the plant nor is any money due.  It is just a means of letting you know when a plant is now available.  You can remove yourself from the waitlist by going back to the plant where you clicked on it and click again and you will be removed from the waitlist.

How can I contact you with other questions or concerns?

Easy.  Just complete the contact form below.



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    Have a questions and did not find the answer?

    Send us an e-mail using our contact information form, and ask your question.  We may post it and the response if it will help other customers.